The Details: Full Comparative Analysis


Principles: Fair Trade fosters long-term trade partnerships at all levels within the production, processing and marketing chain that provide producers with stability and opportunities to develop marketing, production and quality skills, as well as access to new markets for their products

DFTA encourages long-term trading relationships that provide cumulative benefits at all levels of the production, processing, and marketing chain. Programs should aim to provide a stable market for farmers and processors and stable long-term employment for workers while acknowledging the cyclical nature of agriculture. The length of the relationship is addressed and intended to balance the need for security, loyalty, and reliability with the need for flexibility and responsiveness for both farmer/employer and buyer. Long-term agreements assure stability and security and extend beyond one season, preferably to a minimum of three seasons. Certifiers should examine all contracts.

Key to Chart
The program is exemplary and meets the DFTA's criteria expectations. The program has some innovative approaches to this issue that may serve as a model.
The program appears to have a comprehensive approach to this issue in general alignment with DFTA criteria. There are some concerns or issues to highlight regarding the program's approach to this issue.
The program addresses this issue and may meet some of the criteria, but significant concerns, questions, or shortcomings compromise the approach. There is inadequate information or outstanding questions preventing a reliable assessment of the program's approach to this issue.
The program either does not address the issue at all, or clearly fails to address it in a manner consistent with DFTA criteria. Not applicable / not addressed by program
1. All parties uphold all aspects of the agreements, including quality specifications, once they are established.
2. The program favors or encourages long-term trading relationships throughout the supply chain.

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