The Details: Full Comparative Analysis


Principle: Farmers often bear the greatest risks of agriculture and an unstable marketplace. Fair Traders work to share these risks among producers, processors, marketers and consumers through more equitable trade partnerships, fair and prompt payment, transparent relationships and affordable credit. In situations where access to credit is difficult, or the terms of credit are not beneficial to producers, Fair Traders provide or facilitate access to such credit, or assist producers in creating their own mechanisms for providing credit.

DFTA favors programs that provide mechanisms for risks of agriculture and of the marketplace to be shared among producers, marketers, and consumers. DFTA also favors programs that ensure access to adequate and affordable credit for farmers and family-scale businesses. Participation in the program should increase farmers’ and family-scale businesses’ access to adequate and affordable credit, in the form of loans, up-front payment, or other support, at appropriate times in the production cycle.

Key to Chart
The program is exemplary and meets the DFTA's criteria expectations. The program has some innovative approaches to this issue that may serve as a model.
The program appears to have a comprehensive approach to this issue in general alignment with DFTA criteria. There are some concerns or issues to highlight regarding the program's approach to this issue.
The program addresses this issue and may meet some of the criteria, but significant concerns, questions, or shortcomings compromise the approach. There is inadequate information or outstanding questions preventing a reliable assessment of the program's approach to this issue.
The program either does not address the issue at all, or clearly fails to address it in a manner consistent with DFTA criteria. Not applicable / not addressed by program
1. Buyers make fair and prompt payments.

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